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Becoming BDF

I guess I had a way with words as a kid. I wrote a series of kids books around the age of about 7, and considered them good enough to send to a publisher. Shame, I never heard back from them.

I drifted from writing in my late teens and twenties, becoming passionate about video gaming, and esports, devoting several years to pursuing a career in those industries. 

After my 10 year marriage ended in 2019, I started to investigate BDSM as a lifestyle, and developed a passion for that. This also rekindled a desire to write once more, and so I put the two together, and started writing short erotic stories on Twitter, under the name BigDaddyFox, (BDF). 

Now I'm here, trying my hand at something new. I hope you enjoy the stories and poems I write. 

Stay Kinky! 

Thomas Renard

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