"Daddy's Here"

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She’s broken, crushed, defeated. It’s been the worst week of her life. Everyday she just wanted to give up and disappear. She had cried on the phone every night to Daddy. She had wept, sobbed, and begged for him to be there. She needed him.

He had done his best considering the distance. He understood her, knew her better than she knew herself. He had talked her through the crises. He had calmed her, soothed her, but it wasn’t enough to stave off yet another meltdown the next night, and the next... She sat in a puddle of her own tears.

Her phone in her hand, she checked again and again. It had been fourteen hours since his last message. FOURTEEN HOURS. She knew what had happened. He had given up. He clearly had enough of her drama. He was gone. She was inconsolable.

She knelt on the floor, her heart breaking, barely able to breathe through the sobs. How could he just disappear after all they had promised one another? The ten hour long video calls, the constant messaging, the commitment they had made to each other? She knew she was broken, sometimes it felt beyond repair.

But she really had thought he was the one who could help piece her back together. As her mind whirled and danced through an endless roller-coaster of emotion, she was too distracted to hear the tap on the front door.

She sat there, dejected and forlorn, but suddenly aware of the figure standing in the doorway. She looked up, and yelped. “The door was open...”, Daddy said, smiling warmly at her. He fell to his knees in front of her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, pulling her close into him, and she broke down once more.

Her arms snaked around him, holding on for dear life. She was overwhelmed with sensation. After months of talking, video calling, falling in love from a distance, this was the first time they had been together. THE FIRST TIME. She had dreamt about this moment, but had always been too afraid to fully believe it would ever arrive. The fact that he had shown up unannounced having made an 1100 mile journey was too much for her to process.

She wept into his chest, soaking his shirt as he held her and quietly reassured her. “It’s ok Princess Daddy’s here, I’ve got you.” Words that she had read on a screen and even heard down the phone many times, but never really thought she would hear him say in person. She looked up at him, struck by his beauty. Better than any picture he had ever sent. His strong jaw apparent beneath his luxurious beard. His stunning blue eyes, like lazuline pools filled with kindness and warmth looked straight back at her, and he lowered his head slowly, and kissed her gently on the mouth. That first kiss, so full of anticipation, pent up desire, deep unbreakable love, was absolutely electric.

She kissed back hard, craning her neck to taste more of her Daddy’s lips. His lips parted, and their tongues danced. Swirling and entwining with each other. Neither had experienced passion like it. His hands were in her hair, grabbing handfuls of it as he continued to kiss her, before they began to slide town the sides of her body, gripping her waist and pulling her closer into his body. They slid around her waist, and up the back of her shirt, his strong fingers stroking the soft skin of her back, sending jolts of electricity up her spine, giving her goosebumps and making her desperate for more of his touch. “Please Daddy,” she whispered to him “I need you”

“I know little one” he purrs back, “I knew yesterday, that’s why I came.” He picks her up in his strong arms and carries her to the couch. He lays her down, and lifts her blouse over her head, the creamy skin beneath looking ready for his touch, and his kisses. He slides her skirt down, and she lays there in her underwear, trembling with anticipation.

She has needed Daddy’s touch in her most intimate places for so long, and now it seems it will happen. She can feel the wet spot forming in her panties as she watches her rock, her protector, her hero, unbuckle his belt, and slide it out of his pants. He unbuttons the pants and they fall to the floor, revealing how his tight boxers accentuate his bulge. She can tell he needs her as much as she needs him.

He kneels down beside the couch, kissing her once again, but this time his hand finds it’s way onto her thigh. Stroking and caressing, drawing sweet little whimpers from her as she enjoys the sensations, but desperately craves more. He knows what she needs, and he isn’t here to tease her. His hand slides into her underpants, and she gasps out loud as his fingers slide down the length of her pussy lips, and inside her tight little hole. “I love you baby” he murmurs as his fingers begin to stroke in and out of her, and her arms grasp around his neck as she buries her face in his shoulder, unable to respond in any other way than desperate, needy moans. His hands build up a rhythm. Sliding in and out of her, while his thumb makes firm circles around her clit.

She’s a mess. A cute, adorable mess for her Daddy, and he smiles to himself as he knows he’s giving her what she needs. “It’s been a rough week hasn’t it baby?” He asks while he drives her towards orgasm with his hands.

“Mhmm” she responds nodding weakly.

“Well relax. Daddy’s going to fuck the stress away for you” He takes his hand away, and she whines unhappily, until she feels the head of his cock pressing against her entrance, and she arches her hips forwards, desperate to have her man inside her.

He doesn’t need any more invitation, and he thrusts deep, his cock burying itself up to the base in her tight, wet pussy. She screams. It’s all she’s ever wanted. She is one with Daddy.

The anticipation of this moment has built for so long, neither of them can control themselves. They fuck wildly until their orgasms cascade over them simultaneously. His hot seed filling her up, her pussy contracting on his cock, milking it, and they fall into an exhausted mess on the couch, Basking in the afterglow of their passion. She rests her head on his chest and says “I’m never letting you go Daddy.”

“It’s ok baby.” He responds. “Don’t worry, Daddy’s here”

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