The Weekend

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I stand on the sidewalk, butterflies in my stomach, nauseous with nerves and anticipation. The hotel entrance is behind me, a crowd bustling to and fro, seemingly mindless drones engaged in their mundane lives.

There is nothing mundane about today for me. My mind is a chaotic mess, a whirlwind of thoughts and possibilities. I squint into the sunlight, warmth on my face, a bead of sweat trickling down my forehead, perhaps from the heat, more likely from excited anxiety.

I’m early. A habit, fostered from a childhood of arriving late everywhere thanks to my disorganised parents. But today, it doesn’t feel like a good thing. The wait just gives me time to overthink. This is the first time we are meeting. We have been talking for over a year. Completely committed to each other for over half of that.

But...but what if I’m a disappointment in the flesh? Do I look alright? I knew I should have worn the pink shirt. Why do I always second guess myself? Are my shoes OK? My hair? Fuck, did I brush my teeth?

I check my watch, instinctively calculating how long we have until our dinner reservation. Can’t be late. I just want to treasure every precious moment we are going to have together.

Lost in panic-ridden overthinking I almost miss it. The moment. That moment. When she emerges from the crowd, as if floating. The crowd seems to part by itself, as if it knows that some heavenly creature is in it’s presence. My heart stops; my mind empties; my fears fade. We are the only two people alive. The curtain rises and we are stood alone on a stage. Bathed in a spotlight that isolates us from any audience.

She smiles. That smile. The smile I have seen a thousand times. In photos, videos, FaceTime. But those mediums could never do that smile justice. I step towards her, nervous yet purposeful. Smiling back, my arms encircle her. That first touch. My mind is reeling as finally, I get to hold her in my arms. She fits perfectly. She buries her face into my shirt, and I feel her shoulder begin to shake. Raw emotion taking over, she sobs softly against my chest, as we savour this moment that neither of us will ever forget.

I kiss the top of her head, holding her tight, gently whispering the words I have said so many times but which have never been completely true until this moment; “it’s alright baby, I’m here. Daddy’s got you”.

She looks up at me, that face that has appeared in my dreams every night, now only a few inches from mine. I wipe tears from her cheek, and she smiles again. “I can’t believe we are finally here,” she whispers, “I love you so much Daddy”.

Her words crash against me like a wave against the cliffs, words we’ve said before, but now with more meaning than ever. “I love you too Babygirl,” I respond, and I lean down to kiss her.

The butterflies are back. My stomach churning, and my eyes close instinctively. Our lips meet, softly, cautiously, and the world stops. Time has frozen and this perfect moment is all that remains.

Suddenly an urgency rises within us. Her arms wrap around my neck, and my hands hold her face gently. The kiss deepens, and we begin to devour one another, lips parting, tongues dancing.

Our breathing heavy, moaning into each other, this kiss breaks, and she breathes two words at me, full of want, thick with need, “the room?


We crash through the hotel room door, all thoughts of our dinner reservation forced from our minds. Overcome with passion, and desperate need for one another.

Not even waiting for the door to close behind us, we begin to undress each other. Buttons pop, zips snag and tear, a cacophony of ordinary sounds, charged with erotic anticipation, accompanied by the sounds of our kisses.

I lift her dress over her head, and something gets caught. Fumbling in our delirious state to get naked as quickly as possible, we fall, laughing, onto the bed. Laying together, laughing at the perfect imperfection of our intimacy, I lean across her and once again find her lips. Laughter turning into moans and whimpers, as we sink into another lustful embrace.

As she whines into my mouth, my hand slides down her torso, stroking her stomach, and sliding beneath the waistband of her underwear. A gasp catches in her throat, and she grabs my wrist, holding me still for a moment. I look up, into her eyes, unsure if I should continue. She catches my gaze and bites her lip, a subtle nod indicating that I should.

My hand trembles as it touches her at her very core. Her wet centre, soft, ready for me. She grabs at my forearm, silently pleading for more, and I happily oblige. Inserting 2 fingers into her pool of moisture causes her to arch her back and thrust her hips off of the bed. She cries out, finally feel the touch she has been craving for so long.

My fingers instruct her pleasure, exploring the the heart of her femininity. Learning lines and creases that I have only dreamed of until this day. As she loses herself in my ministrations I bite down softly against her neck. An ache stirring in my loins. I need her. I need to take her. To claim the submission she has already offered me willingly.

I stand, move to the end of the bed, and slide her panties down her thighs, onto the floor. She trembles as she lays there open and exposed. Her legs slightly apart, her flower ready for me.

I step between her legs, and place a palm flat on her stomach. My words fall, soft and reassuring, “it’s OK Babygirl, it’s OK. I’ll take care of you”

“Please Daddy,” she responds, “I need you.” I unbuckle my belt, and let my trousers drop to the floor. Pushing my boxers down over my hips, my stiffening member springing free. Her eyes open wide, the realisation that the moment we have been waiting for so long for us finally upon us. The culmination of a thousand phone calls, hundreds of hours of FaceTime.

I lean down to kiss her tenderly, and my shaft nestles against her mound. She twitches at the feeling of my cock laying against her outer folds, pressing her mouth back against mine hard. Reaching down between our aching bodies I guide the head towards her entrance. Pressing firmly, I penetrate her for the first time. She cries out, and grips my hips, her legs surrounding me.

There are no walls between us, we are lost in each other. We are one mind, soul and now body. I thrust slowly into her, her throbbing pussy taking every inch longingly.

I grab her hips, and begin thrusting in and out, building a rhythm, our bodies moving in perfect synchronisation. She pushes back against me, grabbing fistfuls of the bedsheets, panting and groaning. Our desperation for each other is overwhelming. Our thrusts becoming faster, more urgent. After listening to her cum over the phone so many times before, I am eager to hear it in the flesh.

I reach down and rub her clit firmly, doubling up her pleasure. While she squirms and bucks on the bed, I continue to thrust my swollen erection deeper inside her. The scent of our arousal fills our nostrils. I am filled with love and adoration for her. The furrows on her brow, the sounds she makes as I stretch out her orifice, the way she bites her lips and whispers “more Daddy,”

We rock each other’s worlds. Driving towards shared orgasm, until we are both sated. With roars and screams we climax together, our need; and her cunt filled. We fall into each other’s arms, kissing, caressing, our minds floating high above our entwined bodies. After so long, we are finally together, and everything feels perfect.


She had fallen asleep in my arms, satisfied and content, but must have rolled away from me in her sleep. Waking up gradually, I turn my head to look at her, and a gratified smile creeps over my face. Flashing memories of the events of last night, mixed with lingering exhilaration at finally being here with her, contribute to my elation.

As morning sunlight pierces through the curtains, I see the duvet has slipped, and the subtle curve of her perfect ass peeks at me from beneath. I cannot resist but to reach over and gently stroke it, feeling her squirm ever so slightly, pushing back softly against my touch.

We both purr at the same time. I roll over, and my hand slithers around her waist, pulling her back towards me. She shuffles backwards, her ass meeting my groin, and I hear a light giggle as she shimmies against me.

"Oh ho," I chuckle "Someone's only pretending to be asleep I see," Grabbing, and twisting her torso towards me. Her top half turns, still giggling, and our lips meet in a tender, 'good morning' kiss.

"Good morning Daddy," she says, smiling up at me sweetly, giving her butt another wiggle, evoking an involuntary twitch in my loins as my body reveals my arousal. My right hand holds her face, fingers gripping the side of her neck softly as we kiss once more, her lips parting and accepting my tongue as it explores, and teases.

She whimpers, her arm reaching behind my head, and her fingers grab a fistful of my hair. Her touch is pure electricity, and a fire begins to burn in my core. She hooks her right leg behind mine, pulling my hips further into her, and we lay there, entangled, lost in each others kisses. My hand on her stomach feels her breathing getting ragged.

This hand wanders southwards, drawing a gasp from her pretty little mouth as it dances across her skin, and lingers at the crease of her soft thigh. She bites my lower lip as I cup her mound, and she writhes under my touch. She is already soaked, her folds slick with her essence and she squeals as 2 thick fingers slide deep inside. She pulls my hair sharply and I twist my head, biting down on her shoulder as my manhood hardens between her ass cheeks.

My fingers curl inside her, and my thumb presses down against her clit, opposing forces working not against each other, but together, perfectly balanced, awakening hungry desires within her. Removing my hand, I reach between our squirming bodies, guiding my cock towards her dripping cunt, using my leg to lift hers. I growl as the sensitive head pushes into her velvet-soft canal and her nails dig into the back of my neck.

My mind soars as I enter her once again, lost in heavenly pleasure and demonic hunger. She is mine, she has been for a while, our commitment has been ironclad for months, but here, in this moment, she is mine; mind, soul and body.

Together we pant, grunt, moan and whine; we buck, twitch, writhe and arch our bodies as we are consumed with insatiable lust for one another, until our bodies can take no more. Uncontrollable orgasms swallow us, overcome us, and we fall into an abyss. Then peace, cuddling. We bask in that glorious afterglow that comes from the raw, uninhibited expression of pure desire for that person you love more than anything.

We lay there, our bodies a mess, but our minds completely clear. Our fingers tracing lazily over the still somewhat unfamiliar contours of each others bodies, the only sounds are our breathing, and the song of a solitary bird outside our window.

Her hand encircles my now semi-erect shaft, and she looks up at me, a glint in her eye. "Again?" she enquires. "Hell yes," I respond, with impish grin, "Saturday mornings were made for fucking".

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