Three's Company

Chapter One: The Birthday

21st September 2020

Chapter 1

I drive home in a mood. 50 lay-offs today. What a shit show. A morning filled with meetings trying as hard as I could to save a few of my guys' jobs. An afternoon of depressed, angry, let-down employees venting at me. I didn't take it personally. I'd been in their position. These are uncertain times, and employment and financial stability are at the forefront of a lot of people's minds.

What a great fucking birthday. Hi, I'm Daniel, and I'm 33 years old. Ugh.

I get home faster than I probably should. I wasn't even paying attention to the speed limit. Thankfully no cops were around to pay any attention to me either. Pulling into the keyblock driveway of our town-house, the tyres of my Mercedes chirping, I put the car into park, and take a deep breath. Shaking my head to clear the mental fog, I take a look at myself in the rear-view mirror. What a wreck. My hair is dishevelled, my top button undone, my tie askew. If there's a surprise party waiting for me inside, I'm fucked.

Opening the car door, and heaving myself out, I stand for a minute in the fresh autumn evening, a cool breeze in the air, the scent of freshly mown grass in my nostrils. The gardener must have been here today. Leaving my suit jacket and briefcase in the car, I walk up the steps and open the front door.

There she is. A picture of submissive perfection. Kimberley, my wife, my companion, the love of my life, and my owned submissive for the last 5 years. Having had the day off from her regular job as headteacher at a local academy, she must have heard the car, because she is waiting for me. Naked, kneeling, head lowered, and, interestingly...her play collar in her hands. She's a good girl. She knows she isn't allowed to remove any of her collars. Only I can do that.

Squatting down in front of her, lifting her chin, I give her a gentle kiss. “Good evening my angel,”

She looks into my face, giving me a sweet smile, “Good evening Sir, how was your day?”

“Rough,” I sigh, “really, rough”

“Happy birthday Sir,” she sings at me, her hands holding our the play collar. “I have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise hmm? I'm interested.” I smirk back at her, taking the collar from her. I take the small key I keep in my wallet, and I unlock the day collar. She trembles as I remove it. She hates being without a collar, even for a few minutes, so I hastily place the play collar around her throat, the D ring at the front, and I lock it in place with the same tiny, ornate padlock. She settles instantly, sighing with relief, her eyes fluttering closed, safe in the knowledge that she is adorned with this symbol of my protection and love.

I stand up, and take her hand, raising her to stand in front of me. We kiss, fiercely, deeply. Our hands wandering over each other's bodies, as we consume each other in the hallway. Her hands begin to unbutton my shirt, and it falls softly to the floor behind me as she pushes it off my shoulders. Then she places a hand on my belt buckle, looking into my eyes, seeking approval. I nod, and she unbuckles it, her lips placing light kisses over my chest. My trousers join my shirt on the floor, and she kneels to untie my shoes, removing them along with my socks, and then lifting my feet out of my now discarded trousers.

She stands up again, and takes my hand. “Follow me Sir, your surprise is waiting for you,” she says suggestively, and she leads me upstairs. We reach the first floor landing, but she leads me straight past the bedroom, and up the next flight of stairs, to the top floor. There's only one thing on the top floor, and I'm intrigued. Usually I'm the one who decides when we use the playroom, but I'm interested to find out what she has in mind, and so I keep my mouth shut.

Kim unlocks the playroom door, and I follow her inside, stopping in my tracks. I experience a brief moment of panic when I see a woman, wearing nothing but a matching sapphire-blue underwear set, standing at the foot of our playroom bed, her hands raised above her head, cuffed and chained to the anchor points on the bed frame. Her feet, planted firmly on the floor, are shoulder width apart, and she stands in a state of peaceful restraint. Her face is partially covered by a red blindfold, but I recognise her. It's Kim's friend Sarah.

I sigh with relief as I realise who she is. This isn't some random encounter. Not just some unknown woman locked up in my dungeon. This is a scene that has been discussed in depth. Something that Kim and I have talked about many times before, both between ourselves, and with Sarah directly. We had all agreed to this in the past, but we had never arranged a 'play date'. We know her limits, and she knows ours. Her safe word is 'caramel', and I know she wants to be pushed outside her comfort zone. After the day I've had, I'm more than happy to oblige.

Kim reaches up on tiptoes to kiss me on the cheek, “She's ready Sir,” she whispers, “and so am I. Happy Birthday.” She retreats to the bed, and kneels in front of Sarah, placing a hand gently against her sternum. It's time.

The room is warm, spacious, and pleasantly lit. The wall to the left of the doorway, is bare red brick, with a rack displaying an assortment of crops and whips. The frame bed sits against the right hand, west wall of the room, a variety of anchor points and fixings adorn the heavy, stained wooden frame.

I march purposefully over to the bed, immediately sliding my left hand into the back of Sarah's panties, and she shudders. She pulls her hips forwards, trying to move away from my grip, but my right hand winds around her waist, holding her still. I squeeze her arse cheek, making an approving sound, and she tries to twist her butt away from me. I take my hand out from inside her underwear, and slap her sharply on her left butt cheek. “Learn your place slut,” I growl, “tonight, you're mine.” The involuntary purr that she let slip from my slap, turns into a hiss as she hears my words. She lifts her right foot, and pushes against my hip, pushing me away from her. I knew she would resist. We've discussed this, she wants it rough, and she wants things to escalate, she's just helping things along.

I step in between her legs, kicking them apart, my thick thigh pressing into her arse, my right hand still on her stomach, and I lean close to her ear. “Don't make me cuff your feet too. That'll just make things worse for you.”

Kim kneels up on the bed, taking Sarah's face in her hands, and leans in to kiss her. Their lips meet, gently at first, but building into urgent, hungry kisses. This isn't the first time they've made out, and I feel a familiar stirring in my boxers as their lips and tongues wrestle passionately. The kiss seems to distract Sarah enough that she lets down her guard momentarily. I run a hand slowly up over the swell of her breast, feeling the soft fabric of her brassiere.

“You're a little overdressed for a guest slut,” I sneer, and I back away, to the cabinet against the wall opposite the door. Returning momentarily, as the girls are still lost in their kisses, the knife I'm holding opens with a 'snikt'. Pressing the flat side of the cold blade into the small of Sarah's back, I slide it up slowly between her shoulder blades. I feel her shudder with arousal and anticipation at the touch of the steel, and hear her gasp, as I twist and pull the blade under her bra strap, cutting the garment free. Repeating this motion with both the shoulder straps, the bra falls gracefully to the floor, like a beautiful blue petal falling from a rare flower.

Kim immediately takes Sarah's exposed breasts in her hands and begins to caress them. Kissing the soft flesh, her fingers grazing against already hardened nipples. Sarah groans, a low, guttural groan of need and she seems to barely notice as I cut her panties off, and they too, fall to the floor.

Replacing the knife, I walk to the wall which proudly displays my favourite toys. Without hesitation I select my favourite crop, bending it in my hands, and whipping it through the air a couple of times. It makes a pleasing 'whoosh' as it cuts through the air, and the sound clearly has an effect on Sarah, who suddenly turns her head towards me, unable to see, but still trying to gauge exactly what's going to happen next.

Pacing slowly across the floor towards her, I extend the crop in front of me, and gently brush the leather tongue between her shoulder blades. I drag the tip down the length of her spine, and over the curve of her arse. The feel of the crop in my hand relaxes me. Like a lightening rod, it drains my stress, and my forearm tenses as my fist tightens around the handle, ready to strike.

Kim slides forwards on the bed, her fabulous legs slipping into the gap between Sarah's thighs and the end of the bed. Her hands take hold of Sarah's hips, reassuring and stabilising her. Feeling Kim's soft lips against her stomach, she braces herself for the sweet kiss of leather that she both fears, and craves.


I swing the crop. It whips through the air, and lands a resounding blow upon Sarah's fine left butt cheek. A pretty red mark appearing on her skin. Her body twitches, and a yelp breaks free from her mouth. My breath catches in my throat. Oh fuck, I've almost forgotten how good that feels. It's been a shit couple of weeks, and I need this just as much as the girls do. I proceed to dispense a further 9 lashes with the crop, shared evenly between Sarah's arse cheeks, until they shine like freshly picked cherries.

She is panting, her shoulders heaving, but her legs are steady. A single coherent word from her mouth sits in the air, and I am unsure if it is a taunt, or a plea; “more”.

I swap the crop for a cane. A fine piece, about 2 feet long, made of bamboo, with a leather grip. This should do the trick. I line the cane up against the back of Sarah's thighs, sawing it back and forth slightly, enjoying how this simple motion makes her squirm. She takes a deep breath, and then she screams. As the cane lashes through the air, and connects soundly with the soft backs of her legs, she jerks forwards, her cry filling the room. A beautiful red stripe appears just below the fold of her buttocks, and her legs buckle slightly.

For the next few moments, I adorn her bottom with several more pretty red stripes, each one extracting a squeal from Sarah's mouth, until her legs give way, and she slumps, breathless into Kim's arms. Seeing this, I immediately drop the cane, it's job here complete, and quickly undo the restraints attaching her wrist cuffs to the frame of the bed. She falls forwards, cushioned by Kim's arms, and rolls onto the bed. She lays there, face down on the mattress, her body racked by sobs, all defences broken, all walls torn down.

Kim wraps an arm around her, consoling her, whispering quietly, “It's OK sweetie, it's over, you did so well.” I sit beside her on the bed, and stroke her back lightly, her skin sweaty. She continues to weep. She has needed this for so long. Life hasn't been kind to Sarah. A spank-loving, masochistic submissive, who had been horribly treated and completely discarded by a scumbag, wannabe Dominant a few months ago, and who had struggled to find a partner she was comfortable to try again with. A strong woman, working in a male-dominated profession, as a civil engineer, she stood tall and proud in her field. But she had deep needs, cravings. She needed that reset, the release that could only come from a good spanking. Emotionally frustrated, she had poured her heart out to us over dinner one night a few weeks back, breaking down while discussing her unfulfilled yearning. That was when we decided on this course of action.

While Kim comforts her, I fetch the cream. Those bum cheeks are red and raw, an artistic masterpiece if I do say so myself, but they must be attended to. Rich in vitamin E and arnica, this stuff works wonders. I place the tub between Sarah's thighs, and Kim and I begin gently applying it, each attending to a separate cheek. We smile at each other, and Sarah sighs happily, her mind free, and her cheeks finally decorated with the burn and colour she has needed for so long. The tears abate, and she begins to purr, enjoying the soothing attention of mine and Kim's hands.

Grinning at each other, eyes twinkling, our hands slide down to Sarah's thighs, tending to the gorgeous stripes that my cane has left, while gently spreading her legs. Our fingers, devoid of any trace of the cream, which has now been thoroughly rubbed into Sarah's rosy skin, meet between her legs, teasing the soft outer folds of her pussy. She whimpers, and Kim runs her middle finger gently between Sarah's wet crease.

Together, or hands work in unison to tease, stroke and pleasure Sarah's dripping cunt. It isn't long before she is a panting, squirming mess on the bed before us, and we lean into each other over her back to share a kiss. My tongue swirls around the inside of Kim's mouth, as we push Sarah through multiple orgasms with our fingers.

When we are finally finished, Sarah rolls over onto her back, smiling at us both, licking her lips. She beckons to Kim, who obligingly slides over to her, and lifts a leg over her face, placing her pussy directly over Sarah's eager mouth. She falls forwards and steadies herself by placing her hands on Sarah's stomach, as that first gentle touch of the tongue against her sex takes her breath away. Within moments, she is rolling her hips, and grinding herself down onto Sarah's face, as the tongue between her thighs plays mercilessly over her incredibly sensitive pussy.

Watching for a few moments, enjoying the show, I grab a sip of water, satisfied to see the two women lost in passion. Sarah really had needed this, and I can see how much Kim loves it. She looks over at me, flashing me a smile, before once again her eyes roll back in her head as Sarah's tongue hits that magical spot.

I remove my boxers, and move back to the foot of the bed, kneeling between Sarah's spread legs. My cock is fully engorged, and ready to take her. I press the head against the entrance to her core, and push inside slowly. I hear her moan, deep, and guttural, muffled by my wife's pussy, as I penetrate deep into her welcoming wetness. Kim watches as I disappear balls deep inside her friend, and bites her lip, clearly overcome with arousal at the sight. I reach out and pull her face towards mine and we kiss once more. Pressing our foreheads together as we both fuck this beautiful woman, lost in shared passion and desire.

The relentless pounding of my manhood spurs Sarah to speed up her oral assault on Kim's cunt, making her buck, and twitch as an orgasm rolls over her. Sarah responds by immediately drenching my shaft as she cums too, her throbbing sex gripping and squeezing my cock, and I too let loose the climax that has been building. With a gasp, and a grunt, my seed spills inside her, my stomach tightening as my whole body jerks while my hot cum fills her up.

As we all slowly come down from the euphoria of our pleasure, we flop onto the bed together. We lay there for an age, kissing, cuddling, stroking, existing together in this blissful moment. Later that evening we would go again, several more times, and we all knew this wouldn't be the last time that we played together. The three of us so happy and satisfied. For now.

To be continued...

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